For Women of Pacific and Clatsop Counties Looking to Lose Weight, Burn Fat, Move and Feel Better ...

- Your Blueprint For Success -

Lose Weight, Burn Fat, Get Stronger, Move Better and Just Flat Out Feel Great!

Discover Exactly What You Need To Do To Move Well, Stay Healthy and Be Happy Using Methods That Have Proven Effective Over The Past 20 Years. Peggy will help you to build your very own "Owner's Manual" designed exclusively for your body

After 20 Years of research and working with hundreds of clients, Peggy knows exactly what you need to do to find relief from pain, to move better and heal faster.

During your initial assessment Peggy will ask you the necessary questions, do some simple tests and dig deep into your needs and goals.

Then she will craft a custom program that will lay out each individual step necessary for you to achieve those goals.

But that isn't the end of the support, you'll receive all of the training and support you will need to hone your program to a razor sharp edge. 

Your Personal Fitness and Health Assessment and Blueprint Includes ...

  • 1
    Detailed Evaluation
    We'll spend time with you getting to know your current levels of fitness and health.  
  • 2
    Private Studio or Online Appointment with Peggy Stevens
    Meet with Peggy for a full evaluation of your current fitness and health. (Sessions usually last around 90 minutes)

  • 3
    Customized Plan of Action
    During your session Peggy will go over recommendations for self-care, classes and more ...  and patiently answer any questions you might have.  Peggy will contact you within a day or two and discuss specific solutions for your lifestyle and body requirements in order to help create your personal owner's manual.

  • 4
    30 Days Full Email, Text and Phone Support
    Questions? Peggy will be available by email, text or phone to answer any questions you may have.

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The Perfect Way to Improve Your Fitness and Health!

Personal Fitness and Health Success BluePrint

Add Strength, Increase Flexibility, Promote Healing, Prevent Injury, Improve Athletic Performance. 

After Investing In Your Assessment Peggy will contact you to schedule your session

Questions? Give Peggy a call at 503-440-3554 or shoot her an instant message