My Question To You Is, Are You Truly Ready?

I know I can help you to move better, build strength, increase flexibility and age well. But until you're 100% ready for it, and truly committed to making a positive change, there's nothing I can do to help you. If you believe you are honestly ready for a positive change, read my short message below ... 

Peggy Stevens

In 2007 I Was Broken, Physically and Mentally

In my 50s, I found myself struggling as my once athletic body broke down in ways that I couldn't have imagined.  I watched my parents and friends age poorly, living out their later years stuck in their bed or chair, depressed and hating life. I truly thought I was on the same path, facing multiple surgeries to provide a modest amount of relief from my physical break down, and fighting depression. Then the final straw, I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in my early 50s. 

I was so sick and tired that I finally got off my butt, abandoned all of the traditional methods that I had been trying for 10 years and started researching and discovering what REALLY works for people rather than buying into the drug/surgery culture.

I was willing to do whatever it took to age well and to feel better. I discovered multiple strategies, techniques, eating methods and ways to exercise that quickly returned me to optimal health and a positive attitude. I move better in my 60s than I did in my 30s, I take NO medications and have amazing health.

In the past 12 years I've helped hundreds if not thousands of others achieve similar results and chances are very good that if ... and only if ... you are ready and committed enough to invest your time, energy and a modest amount of money into your well being, I know I can help you too. But your commitment is the most important part. I can't help you if you are not ready.

If you are indeed ready I'm going to ask you to commit to working with me for a minimum of 10 weeks. We'll meet at the same time every week to discuss your progress, review your goals and make plans for the next week.  During this one-on-one session I'll work with you performing resistance stretches that will be custom tailored to help you balance your muscles, increase your strength and improve your flexibility. There will also be home work that you MUST do. The home work will most likely take less than 20 minutes a day.

In addition to your one-on-one session you need to attend at least two of my classes each week. Either in studio or online, it doesn't matter, you just need to do it. Obviously "live" would be better as I can give you personal attention as I lead the class ... but online works too. 

... and maybe this is the deal breaker for you, but we're going to talk about eating during the 10 weeks. I'm not the food nazi but you MUST limit your sugars, refined carbs and eat an overall healthy diet. None of this works without a full commitment.

I know money can be an issue. It was for me. But I was ready. When I first discovered Resistance Stretching and realized that it very well could save me from  multiple surgeries I went for it ... I was willing to try anything. I worked with a personal trainer for 4 weeks at the price of $525 a week. A huge investment for me at the time ... but I was desperate ... and I was ready. I also invested hundreds of dollars in books, lectures, trainings and so much more.

But The Bottom Line Is That It Worked. I can save you a lot of time and money by sharing these discoveries with you, letting you know what worked for me and what didn't and you can give them a try for yourself

It's important that you know everything that you are commiting to ... so in summary, you make a 10 week commitment to a weekly private session, promise to attend 2 or more classes a week and pledge to eat healthy during this period. Included in the price is your weekly 30 to 60 minute private session, unlimited access to all of my classes, full access to our online (which includes online workouts, trainings, tips and more), and unlimited access to me to answer your questions or just give you moral support by Email or FB Messenger.

I've done all I can to keep this affordable. Your cost will only be $60 a week (not the $525 a week like I paid for just the stretching portion). This can be auto-billed weekly or you can save 10% by making a one time payment of $540

I am limiting this to a very small number of participants at any given time so I can devote my full energies to your success. I want this to work for YOU!

If so sign up now for the full 10 weeks or a First Time Assessment and Stretch or send me an email and let me know

Are YOU Ready To Make Some Serious Changes In YOUR Life?

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