Resistance Stretching

We've crafted, honed and improved our sessions over the past 12 years. Now we can now confidently say they just flat out work!

Here is What StretchPro Resistance Stretching Can Do For You ...

Reduce Pain StretchPro

Pain Reduction 

Nagging back ache? Sciatica pain shooting down your legs? Ankles sore? Knee pain? Shoulder stuck? Neck constantly tight and sore? Do you just flat out ache all over from arthritis? Lower back pain?

Have you ever thought this pain is the price you pay for your sports activities or is just the result of aging? If so this could be your solution.

We have helped over 1,200 clients find relief from ​pain and much more

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Ageless Living

Aging hit us early and we needed to do something about the deteriorating situation in our 40s - so over the past 20 years we have reviewed and tested thousands of techniques, training and courses that promised to deliver a long and happy life, free of pain

Through hard-core, hands-on testing we discovered a method that literally changed our lives. Our Customized StretchPro Resistance Stretching Sessions are the result of all of our testing and will  benefit you as it has us.

Combining Strength and Stretching has helped many of our clients to move well and stay healthy even into their 70s, 80s and 90s!

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Improved Athletic Performance

StretchPro Resistance Stretching sessions have helped both professional and amateur athletes to perform at the top of their game in all conditions.

The balance of strength and stretch in muscle is critical to optimum  performance. This group of high end intense stretches is designed with the athlete in mind. 

So whether you run, play football, baseball, tennis, or golf a weekly Improved Athletic Performance Stretch will take your game to the next level!

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StretchPro Prevent Injuries

Prevent Injuries

StretchPro Assisted Stretches build strength through your entire range of motion.  One of the main reasons a muscle tears when it is over stretched is because it lacks strength through the entire range of motion. With regular StretchPro sessions you will build the strength necessary to protect yourself and greatly lessen the damage from any fall or injury.

This is a group of gentle full body stretches designed to strengthen your entire range of motion in the critical joints in your body.  Ankles, Knees, Hips, Elbows, Wrists, Shoulders and Neck.

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Custom Sessions

All  of our private sessions are custom crafted for your needs. You might have specific issues that you would like one of our Master Trainers to assess and develop a custom program designed specifically for your body  to accomplish your specific goals in a shorter period of time.

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Add Strength, Increase Flexibility, Promote Healing, Prevent Injury, Improve Athletic Performance

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